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 Betreff des Beitrags: Infos zum Minigame
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So mal n eigener Thread dafür:

info zum minigame:

The Hellgate Mini-game is a fun game in its own! You see the three little icons in the bottom-right corner of your screen, some with numbers on them? Those are the mini-game tasks! Each one represents some active task for your current session to complete, such as killing X number of zombies, completing a quest, and collecting Y armor pieces.

The images start out greyed (yellowish, actually) out, some with a number over them. Each step towards completing the mini-game counts down the required number of kills/collects. Once the required goal has been completed, the image lights up and fills itself in. After you've completed all of them, your überskill pays off with massive luck (enhanced item drops) and whatnot (randomly generated bonus mobs/items/money)*. Your tasks, including all progress made, will reset only after you've completed them all, and a new set will be randomly generated, so if you're missing out because, say, you don't have a weapon that deals a specific type of damage, look for it in all the gear/mods you get.

The icons randomly appear, spanning 3.1 categories: killing monsters with a certain damage type, killing monsters of a certain species/type, collecting items of a certain type, and completing a quest (the infamous .1). Below is a chart to show you what means what (strategically stolen from, the unofficial source for user-written Hellgate information! [until I manage to get off my *** and make a less eye-shattering image])


If I've intelligently misplaced key information, or specifically left certain topics vague, please (!) let me know so I can make it better for those of you who didn't/don't read this (or if someone has a handy copy of the original from Beta laying around, that would be awesome too). I will also eventually add mind-bending colors to the text itself...

*- According to the Oct. 31 patch notes, mini-game functionality has been modified slightly (likely the reward), so end-result randomization may vary. In addition, reset does not occur, with the possible rare exception of server resets.

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